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Everyone Can Improvise:

I work with students on connecting what they hear with what they play – putting their own voice into their instrument. We do a lot of singing, we do a lot of playing, we do a lot of moving around, working with folk and jazz traditions. This workshop may be geared for students at any level, from complete beginners to advanced performers. It also works well in mixed-level groups.

Developing Your Artistic Voice:

No matter what kind of music we play, each of us has a unique artistic voice. In this workshop, I coach students in working to discover, develop, and draw on their unique artistic voice through singing and movement, connecting with one’s main instrument.


Fiddle/Folk Singing Workshops:

These workshops can cover many different styles of music, or hone in on one. I do a lot of singing and fiddling with Jewish music ensembles, (I sing lead with the Klezmer Conservatory Band) and Eastern European bands, but have also spent a lot of time working with Appalachian and Celtic fiddling styles.


Lecture on Women and Music in 21st Century Kabul:

I have been to Kabul, Afghanistan five times since 2011, where I teach at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. The news about Afghanistan tends to be bleak, but there are some very exciting and interesting developments in the music world in Kabul at this time. I have a great lecture consisting of photos, music, and a lot of cultural information based on research as well as first-hand experience. I have given talks on this subject in all kinds of locations and settings and am always thrilled to have the opportunity to share this information with others.

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